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    Fiberglass Flag Poles Flagpoles
    Fiberglass flag poles are reinforced composite material consisting of continuous glass fiber yarn and thermosetting resin, which are pulled by the thermal pultrusion moulding machine. The pultruded fiberglass flag pole retains high strength property of glass fiber. At the same time the coating resin enables the flag pole smooth surface, anti-corrosion, hard to crack or break, long-term performance.

    Fiberglass Flag Poles Features:
    Light weight, high strength (300MPa~600MPa)
    Perfect insulation, fire retardant
    Corrosion resistant, weather resistant, long working life
    Perfect shaping, smooth surface and stable sizes
    Multi-color options, good looking, maintenance free

    Fiberglass Flag Poles Specification:

    Diameter range: Φ5.00 ~ Φ50.80mm shaping of solid rod or round tube
    Fiberglass Flag PoleDiameter Φ mmLength mm length
    Length marking by meter

    Optional color: white, grey, yellow, blue, green, orange, customized color
    Kindly contact us if you order specification unlisted above or have other requirements.

    1) Keep away from impact, squeezing or any mechanical damage.
    2) Keep away from moisture, long time sun exposure or rain.
    3) Storage and transportation temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C

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